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Building my first Pega Powered
GEN AI Blueprint

Sonu Kaushik

Manager Business Consulting

As the world of artificial intelligence continues to evolve, I found myself drawn to the fascinating realm of generative AI. The idea of creating intelligent systems that can generate new content- whether its text, images or music- captivated my imagination. Little did I know that this journey would lead me to new skills, exciting discoveries and a deeper understanding of the creative potential of Generative AI in PEGA. 

My actual journey began with curiosity. I devoured articles, watched online tutorials, and attended roadshows conducted by Areteans Learning and Development team on generative AI. I wanted to understand the underlying principles, the algorithms, and the magic behind all of this.

I started with ‘What’s new in Pega 24.1 Infinity’ article by Pegasystems on PDN. As I continued to read, I understand the Pega Generative AI suite has opened doors to creativity that I never thought was possible. The course and frequent roadshows helped me learn the fundamentals of GenAI, the power of prompt engineering and so on. I finished the read in couple of hours and began the quest.

I decided to create a sample Case Lifecycle using Pega’s Gen AI Blueprint Template feature. Armed with my new found knowledge, I experimented with different prompts, fine-tuned the instructions/purpose of my application and upon several trials & errors seeing Pega Gen AI Blueprint generate a coherent response was exhilarating !! It allowed me to modify data as and when needed , providing tools to regenerate case types, referencing Common Data Model, capability to download and import Blueprint in your dev environment to foster rapid development is unimaginable. The platform is everchanging and introducing new features everyday.

My journey is far from over. Generative AI is not just about algorithms; its about imagination, exploration and pushing boundaries. As I continue my journey , I invite you to explore the unchartered territories of creativity together with Areteans.