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‘Catalyse’ in your daily
professional life

2021-08-31 | Management

What does transformation mean to you? 

This is a question we have asked ourselves multiple times at the organisational level, as we re-envisioned our dream for Areteans. 

It is one we implore you to ask yourselves so that you can catalyse the change you want to see in your professional journey.

  • Identify challenges and chart your growth plan

What holds you back from becoming the employee you could be? Begin by reflecting on the challenges and roadblocks you face in your daily work-life. These may stem from a need to upskill or attitudes, beliefs, or behaviours that hinder your progress. 

Once you’ve acknowledged the gaps, you can set long-term and short-term career goals and map out the steps to achieve them. The best plans indicate a direction, but allow flexibility in execution and adapt to new information and situations. 

  • Actively seek out feedback

There is an opportunity to receive constructive criticism everywhere. Let go of the idea that it is a formal, one-way process. After any challenging task or discussion, ask your peers and leaders what they thought. Don’t hold back on your questions. The more information you have, the easier it will be for you to implement changes. Feedback is a great way to assess the progress you’re making towards your goals and what you may need to change.

  • Build genuine relationships

Our most important assets at Areteans will always be our employees. This is why we advise you to leverage it! Talk to people beyond your immediate teammates and seniors. Ask them about their work, strategies, and attitudes. There is something to learn from everyone. Your understanding of Areteans and your work is sure to deepen and become more interdisciplinary. It’s motivating to find role models and mentors in your fellow colleagues. 

It also makes networking that much easier. When you find people whose goals and values align with yours, you can identify and discuss challenges, brainstorm solutions, and hold each other accountable for the progress you’d like to make.

  • Take up new projects or responsibilities

If your manager approaches you regarding additional responsibilities or a new project, go ahead. While these opportunities may depart from your original plan, they can spur your growth dramatically. They are a testament to your talent and potential. You have the chance to learn something different from your regular responsibilities. Don’t let fear hold you back from exploring. Every project helps you grow.

  • Keep up self-education

Our final tip to help you truly internalise ‘Catalyse’ as a tenet of your professional life is to keep educating yourself. This could be with the help of a mentor, through an online course, or keeping up with industry trends via articles and videos. There are ample resources available on the internet to help you become a well-rounded employee. Choose a mode and subject that works for you and embark on the endless journey of learning. Don’t forget to have fun!

We believe that when you invest in yourself, you invest in Areteans. When you release the limitations you have placed on yourself to reach for your full potential, the ripple effects on the organisation are beyond imagination.

“Take charge to drive change”