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Procurement – Negotiation Toolkit

  • The Client is one of the world’s largest consumer goods manufacturing company, having footprint in over 190 countries and with over 400 household name brands.
  • The Negotiation toolkit Application serves as a one stop application for procurement teams to effectively plan and execute business negotiations process.

Project Challenges

  • Transitioning from inefficient ways of working using MS Planner, Excel, Outlook etc. to a strategic platform for negotiation lifecycle management
  • Digitizing end to end negotiation process for Procurement teams.
  • Profiling negotiation into Simple, Complex and Strategic profiles based on dynamic parameters 
  • Building The Gap Partnership IP tools in Pega
  • Enabling buyers to run tools for multiple suppliers within process

Project Solution

  • Joint Discovery Workshop was conducted with Business Stakeholders and The Gap Partnership to define the scope, brainstorm and model the To-Be state process flow diagrams
  • Areteans team recommended a single application stack for easy maintainability, reusability and seamless communication between the different modules
  • Streamlined Case Lifecycle of Negotiation toolkit case with Contract Board Governance
  • Enabling buyer with pre negotiation preparation i.e., defining objectives, trading variables, strategies and contingency plans for suppliers
  • Negotiation calendar to plan and execute negotiations

Tools & Technologies

    • The application was built using Pega Case Management module
    • Custom tools built in Pega and Integrated in the negotiation process 
      • Stakeholder Matrix
      • Clockface Assessor
      • Strategic Pyramid
      • Phase Planner


  • One stop application to plan and execute business negotiations process
  • Triggering dynamic process flow based on the negotiation profile. Resulting lesser steps and speed of process completion
  • Embedded IP tools to predict strategies and contingency plans to be applied during negotiations
  • Ability to trigger approval flow from governance as per the negotiation profile
  • Negotiation calendar to plan future negotiations and predict workload
  • Ability to define action and communication tasks in the negotiation process
  • Dynamic summary document generation for quick reference

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