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Orchestrating the payment approvals

The Business Issue

The solution focuses on provisioning a unified financial application where the users can raise several types of payment requests which range from payments requiring quick approval to automated multiple schedules linked to a single payment. The offering also extends the capabilities to maintain an exception list of vendors, with missing payment documents and process to handle it . 

The Solution

True to Agile – Pega Methodology , the team identified the right requirements for each release Minimum Lovable Product – MLP release focused on building the basic components and implemented the complex features in the next releases. Balancing the flexibility & quality , MLP Product was released with zero errors. The scalable base design easily accommodated integrations, data modelling and made implementation. The heart of the application lies within the ability to extend the application to newer geographies within a short span of time. The major features of the products are:

  • Customised portals & access according to user persona
  • Configurable application design for quick enablement & on-boarding of new countries
  • Modular application design for easy maintenance
  • Extensive reporting capabilities for periodic financial audit
  • Admin capabilities for business super users
  • Integrated excel offering for quick creation of cases in bulk at one go
  • Real-time notifications via email
  • Universal search functionality
  • Application-level interaction (Pulse)

The Result

  • Faster rollout at rate of 4 countries in a week
  • Robust case-level audit
  • End-to-end visibility of information in streamlined manner
  • Migration from legacy system-based request handling to process flow oriented application
  • Accurate intimation of information for relevant stakeholders on a timely basis