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Order Management

The Business Issue

Over 3 years of partnership with client, Areteans have implemented products which has helped client to improve efficiency in E2E order Management. Our expertise in designing robust applications has helped various regions to orchestrate and streamline their workflows. Being a leader in consumer goods market, the client was facing challenges in managing B2B orders from customers. Handling customer queries regarding change in order details, stock availability was currently being done manually. With increasing sales region and customer, managing changes in huge volume of order manually was time consuming and frustrating. 

The Solution

Areteans team developed a zero-touch solution to handle customers queries to make changes in orders. The solution can capture requests from any channel viz. email, customer portal, chatbots etc. The omnichannel solution also updated the customers regarding the stock availability of the finished goods.  The solution comprises of the below mentioned product features:

  • Order & Customer 360 view
  • Simplified One Step ticket resolution process, enriched with ease of user adoption 
  • Sending and receiving mails within case
  • Reporting and Personalized Dashboard
  • Advance and Global case search feature
  • Omni channel ticket creation.

The Result

Before the initiation of the project, the aim was to reduce workload from customer representative, handling thousands of requests from customers. Working closely with client,  Areteans team envisioned a combination of Proactive approach to address the cause and Reactive solution to handle the queries. This reduced the number of queries and enabled client with flexible and strategic solution with decisioning capabilities which helped client in following ways:

  • Intelligently handles discrepancy in order details
  • Automatically categories and assigns blocked orders to customer representatives for faster resolution
  • Provides unified view of all the blocked orders
  • Ensure orders are delivered on time to customers