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Banking & Financial

Simplifying end-to-end operations with scalable solutions

Banking & Financial

Simplifying end-to-end
operations with scalable solutions.

Make every digital interaction memorable and convenient for your customers. As banking and financial services continue to experience a growing shift from branch banking to one touch banking , it’s time to enable a unified customer experience across channels.

Customer-centric strategies that rely on advanced machine learning and AI can improve the ease of transactions while reducing service turnaround time, keeping them around for longer.

We at Areteans collaborate with you to implement solutions that are future-proof, ensuring maximum benefits for you and your customers.


Customer service

Ensuring transparency and accountability across the entire customer lifecycle to stay ahead of the competition. Reimagine your products and services portfolio as the go-to trusted partner for customers that offers better accessibility.

Bank operations

Enjoy lower costs, enhanced customer experience, and better risk management for personalized interactions. We facilitate resilient and agile operations for sustainable and scalable growth while meeting market promises.

We deliver. You excel.

Latest in banking and financial services

Accelerating Focus on Digital Transformation

There has been a recent yet substantial shift from traditional/physical to online/digitization, in the Banking and finance industry.

Thus, extensive focus on Digital Transformation in banking with a top-down and end-to-end approach, integrating digital systems, customer experience platforms, apps, and infrastructure has become crucial and essential.

Customer holds the centre stage in this transformation journey. While automating their business processes and reducing costs, banks and financial institutions, use technology to digitize and map the customer journey, seamlessly directing them from marketing to sales to customer support, directly in the app, with zero disruption.

Emergence of FinTech Companies

At the wake of the pandemic, driven by the need to revolutionize their processes and embrace digitization, Banks now perceive

FinTech firms less as threats and more as partners. This model has proven to be beneficial for both. FinTech firms’ creativity and modern technologically advanced approach paired with the size, resources and physical presence of banks is a perfect match. 

FinTech companies offer innovative tech-enabled solutions, products and financial services specific to the market and end customer giving big banks an edge that they did not have in the traditional functioning. Banks now invest in such partnerships to achieve higher reach sans the setting up of new physical branches and thus cutting down operational costs. 

Transformation: Key to the Industry's Future

After decades of functioning in a traditional manner with a limited set of services and practically no competitors, the last decade

has seen a drastic surge in transformation in the BFS sector owing to the reduction of service charges and interest rates, spike in technological advancement in the sector and heightened expectations of the new age customer.  

This transformation is not confined to a product, a solution, a process or a single market, but it is the complete reimagination and reshaping of the industry using technology and innovation from being product-centric to turning customer-centric. It is imperative for banks to show readiness to adapt to change with exceptional agility. This transformation though challenging has helped leaders in banking and financial services grow to be greater successes improving in efficiency and achieving higher customer satisfaction by being tech-savvy and relevant. 

Our Thoughts

We work to identify and consolidate siloed operations across departments, unlocking organizational synergies, automation, and process excellence. Our groundbreaking applications such as LOS and CLM NextGen, create a singular, seamless user experience aligned with compliance and regulatory processes.

Our in-depth domain expertise combined with 360-degree AI and insights helps streamline payment transactions, measure engagements, personalize services, and get better insights into client behaviors and expectations with remarkable operational efficiency.

Optimize engagement, build loyalty through intelligent automation powered by Areteans.

Our Leaders

Sanjeev Singh

Executive Vice President,

Jatin Patel

Senior Vice President & Regional Head of Europe

Gaurav Saxena

Assistant Vice President – Digital Transformation

Reeti Saha

Senior Director – Delivery and Customer Success