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Single solution for transparent customer engagement

A general insurance agency was incorporated in 2000 as a joint venture between a multi-state cooperative society in India and a leading Japanese insurance group. It is the first Indian company to underwrite mega policies that provide comprehensive policies based on international rates and optimizes the premium outflow for clients. 


  • Manual operations
  • Absence of routing logic and workflows
  • Validating millions of records with outdated technology
  • Lack of personalized customer experience


  • Better propagation of information within the process flow
  • Single application for all lines of business and incoming channels
  • Quick visibility across a case flow cycle
  • Greater transparency in customer engagement
  • Increase in productivity and accountability 
  • Shorter TAT for new business processes.
  • Smooth tie up with channel partners for quotation management


Areteans built a single application for underwriting customized exclusively for Indian Market. It created greater transparency and streamlined all lines of business and incoming channels such as agents, branches, and web aggregators. Automation of underwriting processes using Case Management helped propagate information better and improved audit trail capture in the system with better visibility of case flow. 

Our single solution created greater transparency between customers, agents, and internal users, thus enabling better customer engagement. We successfully increased productivity and accountability by using workflow management to improve TAT for new businesses. 


  • Validate millions of records with reduced TAT
  • Easy pricing adjustment for different client needs