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PEGA’s Unified Architecture for Channel-Free Customer Service Experience

An Australian insurance provider and risk adviser covers approximately $201 billion in state assets. With over 4,600 clients, they cater to public agencies, statutory authorities, infrastructure, and community centers.


Insurance services

  • Manual quote and pricing
  • Client portal unavailability
  • Tedious business process managed via emails
  • Manual policy documentation and invoicing
  • Lack of  standard product configuration rules

Claim management

  • Manual claim processes
  • High TAT for claim processing
  • Inability to track claims status

Customer service

  • Manual queries handled via emails
  • Lack of complete portfolio visibility 
  • Delay in customer response


  • Channel-less customer service experience via Chatbots and Email IVA 
  • Reusable processes for the entire customer journey
  • Quick time to market for new insurance products 
  • Single point billing experience 
  • Proactive risk management updates 
  • Single view of policy details and supporting items 
  • Seamless customer experience 
  • Standard claims management process for reuse across business
  • Minimal claims leakage and indemnity expense 
  • Holistic view of a client’s risks, insurance, and claims history
  • Automatic triage claim to appropriate claims manager


Areteans leveraged Pega’s unified architecture, built from the ground up, to drive transformational change in customer experience and engagement. 

Our client standardized and streamlined its customer journey across digital channels such as Chatbots and Email IVA by deploying our solution. We automated their processes to launch, market, and sell new insurance policies with a short lead time.

Key Integrations

  • Azure/ Okta (SSO)
  • Westpac payments (Billing)
  • Address Validations (Experian)
  • CMS (Document management)
  • Outlook 365 (Emails)


  • Personalized insurance services
  • Short lead time
  • Enhanced claim management
  • Improved customer service