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Unified lead-to-loan platform powered by Pega

A leading Vietnamese consumer lending company known for its contribution in eliminating black credit serves over 12 million customers. With over a decade’s experience in the industry, the firm has established a strong consumer finance economy in the country.


  • Multiple teams and poor SLAs for disparate loan origination processes 
  • Inability to migrate cross-sell, top-up loans, and credit cards to Pega application 
  • Lack of flexibility to onboard new products and be competitive in the market
  • Need for integrating non-Pega-based lead management system with in-house mobile app


  • 35,000 loan applications processed end-to-end every day using Pega LOS
  • Loan origination time reduced from 14 days to less than 30 minutes
  • 90% loan decisions automated within 30 seconds of application submission
  • Onboarding to disbursement time reduced to 20 seconds
  • More than 4000 users utilizing Pega applications
  • Over 30 million cases are created in Pega annually
  • TAT for loan or credit card disbursal less than 30 seconds 
  • 5000 loan/credit card disbursals can be handled in a day 
  • 20+ seamless integrations with third-party systems


Areteans understands the need for real-time decisioning for flexible workflows. We enabled faster processing and disbursement of Loan/Credit Card by integrating Pega capabilities into their Loan Origination System. Our client now provides omnichannel interaction with zero downtime for future upgrades and quick TAT for enhanced customer experience. 

Key Integrations

  • Loan Origination System
  • Customer Service Management
  • Upgrade and Cloud Migration


  • Automated case management
  • Minimal TAT for onboarding customers
  • Minimal TAT for change requests
  • Reduced cost of on-premise infrastructure
  • Flexible and scalable cloud migration