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Real-time contextual offers across multiple channels to meet the scale and performance needs


  • Lack of visibility of End-to-End order journey 
  • Lack of a platform to quickly onboard and enable the fulfillment of new products 
  • Lack of enforcement of standard business-defined agreements leads to delayed tasks and order completions. 
  • Unavoidable data issues lead to failure in automated processes and the creation of Carrier Provisioner Manual tasks.


  • 1-1, real-time, contextual offers < 200 MS
  • New offers launched < 24 Hours
  • Increased call volume from customers
  • 90% Decrease in campaign time to market 
  • Geo-fencing offers increases relevance
  • 90% Faster Net Promoter Setup


Areteans delivered a unified customer conversation and a channel-agnostic experience to facilitate customer acquisition across our client’s sub-brands. We transformed siloed campaign-based marketing to Pega and provided a targeted 1:1 customer engagement platform.

We showcased deep domain and Pega technology thought leadership in providing a comprehensive roadmap to smooth the migration. We worked together to improve agility, reduce time to market, and retain customers.


• Pega Marketing to provides contextual, real-time decisions across their email, SMS, mobile app, mobile push, direct mail, telemarketing, geo-location, and NPS programs.

• Developed the application in such a way that is self-sufficient for users to configure offers and run campaigns

• Cross-sell/upsell data /mobile packages, re-contracting 

• Implemented mobile channels, Outbound mobile provide offers in 120 milliseconds

• Integration to SMS server using Pega OOTB capabilities