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Losing track of service workflows on emails and spreadsheets?

Use BIY solutions to automate manual processes with minimal IT dependency

Excel and emails don’t make it easy for you to keep tabs on business operations. They also limit your productivity while increasing cost and effort. Now you can create and automate your processes with our Build it Yourself (BIY) tool without exhausting your IT budget or deploying new technologies.

Flexibility and agility are competitive differentiators for insurers in an increasingly digital world. We at Areteans leverage deep domain expertise with advanced machine learning to give you a robust benefit-risk evaluation engine that configures business rules to automate workflows.

Experience freedom with in-built support

Our BIY approach enables even non-technical users to build workflows within defined boundaries without IT support. The smart solution offers you complete freedom to map your processes. A set of powerful in-built functions can also be customized to meet high volume demands of your business.

How does BIY work?

  • Configure your workflows across emails, manual triggers, and Excel
  • Enable dynamic cases instead of creating individual processes
  • Design, test, and deploy without IT intervention


Why is BIY the game changer?

Create, configure, and implement management systems the same day with reduced cost and effort.

  • Co-create processes with business SMEs and end users
  • Crowdsource innumerable processes created for business departments
  • Automate everyday tasks without technical expertise
  • Track emails and business processes accurately
  • Improve TAT and introduce standard working methods
  • Eliminate manual errors

Deliver on your promises and enhance customer experience — faster and smarter.

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